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Wonboyn Rock Oysters have been farming Sydney Rock Oysters in Wonboyn Lake for over 27 years having bought our first lease in 1990.


Since that time we have expanded and modernised our business to ensure that the oysters we produce are of the highest quality.


We developed our own farm Environmental Management System in early 2005 and update it on a regular basis. We were also actively involved with other farmers in our lake in the development of the Wonboyn Lake Environmental Management System in 2011, which we review on an annual basis.


Using only environmentally sensitive products and environmentally friendly farming practices to farm our oysters, we also power our operation with renewable energy.  To us, promoting environmental awareness is paramount to securing a bright future for the oyster industry.

We continue to invest in modern technology by and recently purchased an automatic grading machine to ensure our oysters are consistent in size and shape, recognising our customers individual needs.


We are dedicated business owners who pride ourselves on growing quality oysters for people to enjoy. We are very actively involved in promoting oysters and our industry and enjoy engaging with other oyster farmers and our customers.

We are also members of the Gourmet Coast Trail and the Sapphire Coast
Oyster Trail.

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